File list Generator

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Data recovery file list generator software download

Our 'File List Generator' organizes, prints, and helps you isolate files from even the largest and messiest directories. It is freeware proprietary software that was developed by our Research and Development team to aid clients in ensuring that all of their files have been fully recovered. It's also highly useful for computer forensics applications for compiling a list of files of a suspect's drive.

Technical Specifications:

Simple, Fast, Highly Accurate file list generator tool.
Friendly user interface.
Directory Tree is well organized in a readable format.
Can create HTML and/or TXT file list format.
Supports multiple file systems: FAT12/16/32, NTFS/NTFS5.
Checks-off which attributes are included in the file list.
Filters, Prints and Orders via: name, type, size, created date, date last modified.
Easy to print and save the file list.
Takes advantage of filter parameters to isolate specific document types.
The system requires a working installation of Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, or Windows 7.

This File List Generator is faster and far more accurate than other file list generating software on the market. Windows does not offer an option for printing directories, and trying to compile a comprehensive list of files can be quite laborious. Now, with the aid of the File List Generator, you can organize and manage your data within seconds.