Nothing is more important to us than our customers' complete satisfaction.

Fantastic customer service, very friendly and helpful! They restored my data in a week and I am forever thankful!

Megan Champ

Meg Champ Photography

Chilliwack, BC

We are very happy with the results of your service. You recovered everything and we really appreciate the quick and professional service that we received from your team.

Gerald and Wilma

Struys Farms Ltd

Agassiz, BC

Halfway through transferring files from one computer to another, I discovered that our external hard drive would no longer connect to any of our computers. Initially, I thought that our Business file and Pictures file including more than a decade of digital images were lost for good. That is until a friend with an IT background gave me ReStoringData's contact information. The entire process of dealing with ReStoringData was extremely professional on all levels and I am happy to report that they were able to recover our entire business file and every last picture! I will absolutely recommend them to anyone that needs critical data recovered!Best Regards,

Len Roos

Socks Optional Footwear Inc

Brampton, ON

I was VERY happy with the recovery and your overall service. ALL the files were restored and are 100% ok.

Darryl Donkin

D2 Solutions

Saskatoon, SK

Five years ago, on a photoshoot in Southern Africa, I made the scary discovery, early on my trip, that one of my large memory cards had crashed. It made me heavy hearted for the whole journey. Once home I started to look for a reliable address to restore all or part of my card. I chose ReStoring Data on the strength of the promising advertising. I was not disappointed. A significant portion of my pictures became available in excellent quality. Recovery is expensive. But that is acceptable when the recovery is worth the price. Just recently an external hard drive crashed and the damage made me weep. I did not bother to look for another address but sent the disk to ReStoring Data. Thousands of precious photo files were recovered in great condition. And the service was courteous and helpful. If, God forbid, this kind of calamity happens to me again I will without hesitation return to this lab. And I have already recommended it to friends and family.

Hendrik Hart

Toronto, ON

This company saved me a great deal of grief by solving my problem in the time stated, at the price quoted and with no obligation of payment until after I reviewed an explicit report of what could be recovered and gave my approval to proceed.How great is that! Rarely will someone publicly admit to failure but because of the excellent service and superb technical expertise provided to me by ReStoringData, I am willing to do so. It was my local computer technician at JBJ Computer in Vernon BC (a great company also) that tried to resurrect the failed hard drive, to no avail, who recommended ReStoringData to me. I now have a working hard drive that operates exactly like it did before the failure.I highly recommend this company with no reservations.

John D.

JPlus Services

Vernon, BC

Almost a year ago, one of my three Drobo RAID arrays had an issue that we thought would be cleared up with a call to Drobo support. Day turned into weeks, which turned into months as we exhausted the resources of the Drobo team to find a resolution. They recommended that we send the drives to a data recovery center nearby their location in the silicon valley area. This well-known center was optimistic at first, but eventually was unable to recover any data. After sending the drives to another prominent data recovery center, it became clear that we were out of options, and had lost nearly 28 Tb of irreplaceable data. At this point, we were nine months into our data loss issue. Then, our lead editor found information for a company in Vancouver, B.C. named ReStoringData. I spoke with Ilana at ReStoringData several times on the phone and through email. She was extremely easy to work with, and optimistic that they could recover the lost data. With nothing to lose but the cost of shipping, we sent the drives out with little hope of any positive resolution. Ilana contacted me within a few days, and let me know that they had evaluated the drives and would begin recovering the data. I had heard this before, so I still held little hope. Three weeks later, after the Christmas holiday, I received word from Ilana that they had already recovered 12 Tb of the data on the drives. The data was coming back completely, and in its original file structure. I almost fainted. A few weeks later, we sent replacement drives to Ilana for the final transfer to ship back to us. Everything that was gone is now back! It would be understating what happened to say that this data loss was catastrophic. What the technicians at ReStoringData did was nothing short of a miracle. Not only were they able to save us literally tens of thousands of dollars in trying to recreate the data that we had lost, but they were extremely helpful and optimistic throughout the entire experience. They were able to do what two very well-known recovery centers, and the technical team at Drobo, had told us was not possible. I hope that I never have a similar need to recover data like this. But if I do, I know who will be receiving the FIRST call.

Dan Kalan

Rockwell Collins

Cedar Rapids, IA

I recently went to Restoring Data to retrieve an external hard drive full of files that we thought were lost. I liked that they won’t accept payment unless they can actually retrieve your files and I got to review what they had saved before I paid. We thought these files were gone forever, but Restoring Data kept trying, and I think we ended up getting everything back. I was really impressed, they gave great advice, are great to work with as well and I would recommend this company to anyone.

Elaine Ayres

City of Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to say thank you to the team at ReStoringData, for retrieving 10 years’ worth of photos and documents that I had failed to back up before my hard drive crashed without warning! I learned a lesson about the importance of backup on a personal computer– a mistake I won’t make again! And I also gained respect for a dedicated group of professionals who worked hard to give me back precious memories and important documents. The service was quick, the explanation about the problem was clear and concise, the quote I was given was accurate with no hidden fees…..and within a few weeks, my data was sent back to me – for which I am very grateful. Thanks ReStoringData, you guys rock.

Angela Williams

Royal BC Museum

Victoria, BC

When we were in danger of losing valuable team data on a failed external drive, ReStoring Data came to our aid. The ReStoring team were fast and professional, keeping me updated throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend their services

Tim Hemmings

Canucks Sport and Entertainment

Vancouver, BC

I have to say how impressed I am with the work that ReStoring Data did. I am beyond grateful to have gotten all my files back. It’s hard enough starting a business, but then to lose all your files and start from scratch…thank God I found you and your company. Thank you so much for all of your efforts and hard work. You guys are amazing!!!

Nathalie Mulder

XEX Wine & Spirits Ltd

Edmonton, AB

When I arrived at ReStoring Data in early November I was literally close to tears. I had just comeback from a dream trip to Africa, where I had shot 6,000 photographs. One of memory cards had either been corrupted or mysteriously erased. It contained 1200 irreplaceable shots of lions, cheetahs and leopards. I was frantic. But in 36 hours (I paid double the normal price for fast service) ReStoring Data had recovered every photograph. I whooped with joy. Truly it was a miracle and I recommend this company without hesitation.

Clive Jackson

Headline Strategies

Vancouver, BC

After the latest power failure the house computer crashed. It has happened before, but this time it was different. While rebooting there was a notice “no boot device detected” or something like that. Didn’t sound good, so tried again (and again) with the same results – no booting into Windows. I have some skill, so I took the drive out and placed it into a caddy and turned it on. There was an audible grinding noise. . . not good. I was not able to mount the drive and retrieve the data. Not sure what do I started looking around for a data recovery company. There were a couple, but ReStoringData was recommended by two different sources. After contacting the office, I dropped off the drive and the staff were courteous and professional and within a couple of days they had a list of recovered files. I asked them to verify the *.pst file before agreeing to the full recovery. They were more than happy to provide me with a screenshot of my Outlook. As I said to them "Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I never have to use you services again." I am more than happy to recommend ReStoringData to the next person who has a major hard drive failure.

Michael Ouchi

Michael Ouchi Consulting

North Vancouver, BC

I wanted to thank Polina and the ReStoring Data's service team for all their work recovering my data from my faulty drive. Not only did they recover the FULL DRIVE data they recovered it in record time. I had a confirmation of my data that was recoverable within days, a huge relief! I hope to never require these services again but it’s nice to know if I do, I have ReStoringData in my back pocket, a true peace of mind! Thank you again!

Paul Darby

Darby Photos

Richmond, BC

We experienced a RAID 0 System Drive failure on one of our users workstations where the user kept approx. 6 month worth of important data. ReStoring Data was able to restore and return all of the important data back to us fully intact. Our experience with ReStoring Data has been nothing but POSITIVE with the best part being Customer Service. Ilana was always there to answer any questions we had and provide us status updates. They were a pleasure to deal with: professional, prompt and very friendly. We would recommend ReStoring Data and definitely use their service again.

The Coalition

Microsoft Game Studios

Vancouver, BC

I would like to thank you for the expedient and professional experience I had when using your service. I am a procrastinator and my computer was getting old and should have been replaced. It was stalling and having problems but I put off doing anything. Got up one morning and the computer would not boot. It was frozen. I then contacted my son who manages computer problems for a Government Department in Alberta. He told me don’t touch and contact a professional data restorer. In checking a number of companies I decided on Restoring Data. Brought my computer into their office and I felt a certain confidence in the way they explained what was to happen. Within a day they advised the problem and said they could fix it but it would take about a week. On the computer was 10 years of financial records for six of my companies, a family tree with some rare photos and other important data. When I picked up the file with all the records I was shocked at all the data they were able to recover. Things that I had long forgotten were on the computer. The costs were considerably reasonable for the work performed. If not recovered there would have been hundreds of hours of inputting all the data from hard copy and some would never have been recovered. I am appreciative of their handling of my situation from beginning to end and I have already recommended them to a number of family members and friends.

Steve McVittie

The Celtic Treasure Chest / British Imports & Deli Products Ltd

Vancouver, BC

I had a number of data files on a USB Flash drive that was broken physically and could not be used. I initially took the broken drive in to a computer store who referred me to ReStoring Data. They were able to recover all the data from the broken flash drive and save it to a new flash drive Everything about the service was excellent. They responded quickly to my questions and did a great job of explaining my options and expected outcomes. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone in a position of needing data recovered.

Janine Supernault

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Recently, I had the misfortune of requiring a data recovery service. One of my clients had a server crash from a drive problem. This server provides critical online functions to their business and without it, required 3-4 extra staff just to operate. The first option was to try and recover from backup and it turned out that the corruption had propagated to the backups which made them useless. t was at this point that I thought we were done for. I decided to search the internet to see if there was a recovery option and I found ReStoring Data. From my initial call to the final call, they were one of the most professional and caring companies I have ever dealt with from the Internet. They were clear on what they could and could not do, they did not make any false promises and delivered on everything that they said they could. It took a couple days, but they were able to recover all of our data and allowed us to download from cloud storage so that we did not have to wait for courier delivery of our recovered data. We paid for their fastest service and it is very unnerving when you are paying this premium and hoping that it would work. They understood this and allowed me to remote into a system with our data on it and review it. This was tremendous for peace of mind and made us very confident of delivery and value for the amount paid. I hope I never have to use a data recovery service again, but if I do, you can bet the call will be made to ReStoring Data. Thanks guys. You have a Great Team!

Richard Bourne

Foundry Technology Services

Sherwood Park, AB

Outstanding customer service and very helpful. Most of our data was recovered from catastrophic head damage. I would recommend this company as viable local technical resource for data retrieval of damaged drives.

Chris Weiz

UBC - Pharmaceutical Sciences

Vancouver, BC

The service and professionalism of this firm was beyond expectations. I found ReStoring through Yelp and checked with the BBB too as I was very concerned about the confidentiality of our data. We wanted a VERY reputable firm. We lost 20 years of work after a virus attached itself to a well-known software we upgraded and our backup drive was compromised in a move. They recovered everything, economically, and within a very reasonable time frame. I would highly recommend ReStoring without question.

Deborah Fit

Fama Holdings Ltd.

Vancouver, BC

Three weeks ago, one of our largest customers had a cascading hard drive failure on their RAID array. As we were not local to Vancouver, we scoured Yelp for the best data restoration company in the city and found ReStoring Data. Ilana and her team arranged for a courier to pick up our failed drives from the facility and spent the next week working with us to try to recover every last possible bit of restorable data from the various partitions. Her team worked 24 hour shifts until our initial restoration was complete, and they were in constant contact with our systems administrators during the entire process. I have never seen such dedication to one's craft and such incredible customer service. The level of communication was such that by the end of the process, one of our noc technicians thought that ReStoring Data were part of our team. They acted as our hand in Vancouver and we owe them far more than they charged. I personally told Ilana this, but I feel that it should be repeated. We hope that we never have to use a data restoration company again, but if we do, ReStoring Data will be our first call.

Rony Fozoonmehr


Los Angeles, CA

A huge thank you to the folks at ReStoring Data. A power surge fried the primary and backup hard drives in one of our servers. It wasn't just any server, it was the one that held all of our customer data, our publication records, our billing and receivables data. The data on that machine basically holds the most important information we need to run our company. Our computer guy suggested a couple of data recovery firms and said he had heard that ReStoring Data was pretty good. And so they were. We called them up first thing in the morning and they told me to bring it in right away. They were super responsive and got on the job as soon as I delivered the drive. They kept me informed as to their progress and, best of all, they recovered all of our data and restored it onto a backup drive by early afternoon. We were up and running again the following morning. If I hadn't had to drive from Washington state to pick it up, we could have been rolling the same day. As for cost, I'll repeat what one of our employees said: The cost to restore it was nothing compared to the costs we would have incurred if they had been unable to restore the data. It's kind of funny - when you leave you are tremendously grateful to the people who have saved your neck but you really hope you never see them again. I recommend this company with no reservations.

Pat Grubb

The Northern Light newspaper

Northwest Washington

Thank you for the OUTSTANDING service that we received from ReStoringData. We recently suffered an electronic failure on our network backup drive. After sending it back to the manufacturer (who claimed nothing could be done but replace the drive) I brought the drive to ReStoring Data. Upon my first contact with you I felt like a valued client, my sad story of having all of my 2 children's baby pictures on the drive was heard and respected. I felt confident in the service having a price range, then a firm quote. The "No Data - No Charge" policy is unbeatable! I loved the fact that before I was ever charged a penny I was given a full list of all the recoverable files (in my case every single one!) to approve before moving forward. First class job at every single step! I have already passed your name on to many friends and clients, and will continue to do so! Once again I want to thank you and your team for a job well done. What a stress relief to get my data back! I hope to never need your services again, but you will be undoubtedly the ONLY place I will call! Thanks again!

Adam Kouwenberg

ARK Squared Productions

Port Moody, BC

We recently suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure in our dental office. We thought we had all the bases covered, however this was not the case. All our data was gone. We had hard copies of all our transactions but no appointment book. We were in limbo. I sent our hard drives in to Restoring Data and they were able to recover the data for us in an expedited fashion. We found there service to be extremely helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Dr. Stillwater

Stafford Dental Group

Winnipeg, MB

There is never a good time to have a hard-drive crash and not be able to access your critical data. However, the team at ReStoring Data saved the day. They considered the recovery of our data very important and recovered our files in record time. My experience with ReStoring Data surpassed all of my expectations. I highly recommend them for your data recovery needs.

Denna M

Brian Jessel BMW

Thank you so much for your quick work to restore my data. It was such a scary thing to find out my hard drive was destroyed and my data was irretrievable from my local computer service technicians. I had no idea my backups had failed. Your service was quick and professional and amazingly you were able to restore a mirror image of the data I thought was gone forever. Thanks so much!

Aaron R.

Banking on It Bookkeeping

At end of 2013, I had a complete failure of a Drobo 4-drive USB backup storage unit - while operating, it was dropped and subsequently no data could be accessed - the indicator lights displayed hardware failure on two drives, and it was completely dead. This unit stores our entire set of data, approximately 2 TB of files, and at that time, there was no offsite backup (it was being handled in order to set up that additional backup). So there was no fallback - we needed this data restored. We ended up contacting one (of many) data recovery services and delivered the drives - they had gone out of business. A second company was located, and the drives dropped off. They took a service charge to analyze the condition of the unit, and provided no guarantee for recovery. Their estimate was up to $10,000 (!). I then contacted (Monty) at Restoring Data, and was informed that they would perform the analysis free of charge - only payment accepted if data recovered, and the estimate would be that data recovery would up to $3,000. The advice was informative, and I got an impression of professionalism that the other two recovery companies lacked. We dropped the drives off with Restoring Data. It took a week or so for the analysis to come back, but I was provided updates during that process - as to their word, the prognosis was that they felt confident on data recovery (as Drobo's are particularly difficult) and confirmed $3,000 initial estimate, so we gave the go-ahead. A couple weeks later (with periodic updates) I was provided a listing of recovered files, which as near as I could tell was the complete list. Payment sent, and the original failed drives (with a purchased drive containing data) was shipped to me. I've had time to prepare the off-site backup and also work with the recovered data, and it is complete 100% recovery - absolutely no missing or corrupted files. I think that there are a number of 'fly by night' unscrupulous operators in this industry, but Restoring Data is definitely not one of them - from the initial phone call, right up through the final delivery of drives, I was treated with the utmost professionalism. They do not accept payment up front (which some do) and their estimate was fair and bang on. It takes some time to perform the recovery and all the time during that process, I was provided with clear update emails through all stages. A big thanks to both Monty and Antoinette at Restoring Data for their timely and always courteous service. Restoring Data were able to get 100% of my data restored, and this combined with their utmost professionalism means I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who (unfortunately) needs a data recovery service.

Brian P.

Toronto, ON

So there I was transferring data and updating photos on the desktop, and then silence! All frozen, kinda like our current Winnipeg weather. Hard drive failure, and without an up to date back-up, anxiety and panic set in. Local IT shops confirmed major HD failure, and the only possibility of data recovery might be ReStoring Data Inc. Because they came highly recommended I sent the HD in for review and assessment. From the initial discussion with Monty, to final resolution with Antoinette, these folks in Vancouver are awesome. They are truly professional and efficient at fulfilling their commitment to customer satisfaction. True to their word, they inspected the HD, and advised a fee would only be applicable if data was recoverable. We agreed on a fee and schedule of work. In a very short period of time, my data was 100% recovered, transferred to a new drive and delivered to me on time as promised. No hassle, no extra charges, no gimmicks, just pure honest service. Wow, what a comforting feeling to deal with a company such as ReStoring Data Inc.

John W.

Vancouver, MB

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the incredible job that you did. I can't believe the how you were able to recover my files to the extent that you did. I am now back working to the same level that I was prior to the hard drive failure. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation.

David B

Kilvington Bros. Ltd

On the verge of delivering our television documentary for its premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival, our RAID had a critical crash. ReStoring Data was able to recover 100% of the information and we were up and running four days later. I can't tell you the number of hours and dollars we saved, but most importantly, we made the screening!

Peter C.

Gumboot Productions Inc

My experience with ReStoring Data Inc. could not have been better. From my first call until the time I got my data back. Being in Toronto, I wasn't sure about sending my data to Vancouver to be recovered. They took care of me from start to finish. Very friendly, understanding and at a very reasonable price. Their price was less than half of what I was quoted here in Toronto. The data was recovered within the time they said it would be, which was important to me because of the time sensitive data being recovered. I would definitely recommend ReStoring Data Inc. to anyone needing data recovered!

Pete B.

Rawlco Services Inc

ReStoring Data was able to restore all the original data from my external drive and advise me on the best solution to store and protect the data for the future that met my needs for flexibility and ease of use. I found the team at Restoring Data to be very friendly and accommodating, providing an excellent service in a professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of restoring personal or valuable data that seemed otherwise lost forever

Laura M.

I'm just so impressed and pleased that you were able to recover all the data - what a fabulous service you offer! Had not you been successful, I would have needed weeks to re-process most of the image files, and some would have been lost forever. My backup routine just got a lot stricter. Thank you so much

Stuart B.

Stuart Bish Photography

ReStoring Data made it very easy to recover valuable data. The process was quick and I got exactly what was promised to me. It was very assuring to know there would be no charge unless the data was actually recovered. All my questions and concerns were answered promptly and knowledgeably. Couldn't be happier

Kevin M

Westside Appraisal

On the day I returned from a recent trip to Spain and Portugal, I was excitedly uploading my pictures to my computer when it froze and I ended up accidentally deleting all the files from my memory card. I took the card to a well-known photo developing company which sent it a central lab. After two very stressful weeks, I was crushed when they called to tell me that the images on the card were not recoverable. Refusing to give up, I brought the card to a computer repair shop, where I found out about ReStoring Data. I called immediately and the woman I spoke with was extremely friendly, helpful, and patient in answering all my questions and alleviating my concerns. I sent the memory card by overnight mail to Vancouver and the next day was notified of the evaluation results and quote, subject to the No data, No charge policy. Because I was so anxious to know the status of my files as soon as possible, I requested priority service. Within 24 hours, I received the wonderful news that 522 of my cherished memories had been restored! It was especially miraculous considering the photo developing company hadn't been able to recover anything. When I received the DVD and put it in my computer, I was so delighted to see the pictures and videos I had thought were gone forever appear on my screen. There are no words to express how grateful I am for ReStoring Data's wonderful service and excellent customer support. These were once-in-a-lifetime moments and I am so grateful that I will now always have memories of them to look back on. Thank you again 100X over.

Lainie M.


When my computer crashed and the technician at the repair shop told me that I had lost all my data I was devastated. I had years of digital photo's, thousands of music files which took years to compile, all my Outlook contacts and miscellaneous important files on my computer and they were inaccessible! I read about Restoring Data and took my hard drive in and a week later I had everything back. I am overjoyed.

Franco L.

My hard drive failed on a Monday morning without warning on my 3 month old computer. I had a very important work in progress that I had spent 14 hours on that very weekend and it was lost. None of the local "experts" could do anything about it. But one of them suggested I try ReStoring Data. I called them and I was immediately impressed by the staff's expertise and experience. I especially appreciated their no data, no charge policy. A week later I had my entire drive's contents, still fully encrypted, re-imaged onto a new drive. Upon receipt I just plugged it in and resumed from where I had left off. Absolutely fantastic!

Michael P.

Investors Group

I cannot tell you how thankful we are for the data you recovered off our hard-drive, especially the pictures. Losing our house and all our possessions in the fire was extremely difficult, but even more disheartening was the thought that we had lost all our photos. Memories of past Christmases, vacations, our children growing up, and much more were captured in those photos. We understand that our hard-drive had fairly extensive fire and water damage, so we are amazed and extremely grateful that you were able to recover the data. Thank you very much for giving us back some of our memories!

The Murphy Family

I don't even know where to begin to express my appreciation for the work you have done! The only words that come to mind are: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!. Much to my surprise, you were able to recover my photos in their original RAW file format with all meta data intact. I cannot thank you enough!

Kevin Charlie Photography

Not only did you retrieve every single bit of my data, you installed a new hard drive and fan into my computer and then transferred the saved data to the new drive. You are absolutely amazing!

Martien, B

Sierra Wireless

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your honesty and fairness. I know my hard drive had a complicated problem, and even though it took a few more days to fix, you did not charge me more than the quote that you had given me. I already expected some hidden fees but you did not ask for any. Glad to see that integrity still exists... Thanks

Fred, P

Electronic Arts

I cannot thank you enough for the work you did getting our computer going again. You have no idea how much stress and money you saved us if we had lost our data. The most critical data was in this RAID. Job well done

Richard, B


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