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Computer Forensics data recovery

Digital Forensics Analysis

Our certified specialists have years of experience working closely with digital artifacts, allowing us to offer a wide range of award-winning, comprehensive digital forensics services for individuals, legal professionals, private investigators, and corporations alike. We pride ourselves in the meticulous work we do uncovering electronic data with the goal of preserving any evidence in its most original form. We perform a structured digital analysis by collecting, identifying, and validating the information in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law.

Each forensic case receives specialized care and is often tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We ensure that all relevant forensic methods are utilized so that any possible digital evidence is recovered, analyzed, and expertly presented, while keeping the integrity of the original data fully intact. Combining a variety of industry-recognized forensic tools and proprietary data recovery techniques (if necessary), our specialists create a hash verified copy of each media exhibit presented to us, search for critical information located in various operating system logs, specific keywords, deleted data in slack space or unallocated disk space, as well as any suspicious activity.

As a data recovery industry leader, we have the advantage of and unique capabilities to extract digital evidence from virtually any digital device, even from catastrophically failed ones. Our state-of-the-art data recovery lab is always utilized when evidence-based digital devices are maliciously or unintentionally damaged (i.e. water damaged phone, dropped hard drives, broken flash drives, etc.). While other digital forensics firms would have to send the device out for repair, causing additional costs and delays, with ReStoring Data you can be confident that the entire work is performed in-house, which, in addition to making the service most efficient, it ensures that the chain of custody is constantly preserved throughout the process. This is especially critical when the forensics analysis results are required for court purposes.

Computer Forensics

Whether your computer is running Windows, Linux, Mac or any other operating and file system, our digital forensics analysts can search the contents of any hard drive to extract important information. Each operating system keeps various activity logs, hidden and setting files, that, when analyzed by experts, can yield critical information that may prove an important fact in a case. Depending on what the exact need of the case is, we focus on the relevant data sources and prepare a detailed forensic analysis report with concise conclusions and recommendations to assist the case in moving forward.

User passwords and domain security are normally no hindrance when it comes to extracting data directly from a hard drive. Even if the drive has been recently re-formatted, or sustained a physical damage, we can use our fully equipped data recovery lab and decades of combined experience in the field to complete a full forensic analysis for any sort of legal case.

The types of information we can forensically extract and analyze from a hard drive include:

Deleted and/or hidden data
Browser history activity
Software installation and uninstallation records
User permission changes
Virus/Malware Installations
File download history
Connected USB devices
Creation/distribution of illegal images
Network activity
Email activity
Malicious software activity
Attempts to cover up or modify digital evidence

Mobile Forensics

As the use of mobile devices increases, so too does the need for a service that can recover and forensically analyze their valuable data. Our specialists can analyze sensitive information on over 2000 makes and models of mobile devices on the market today using the best in mobile forensics technology. Whether it is a Samsung Android, Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Microsoft Windows Phone, no-name phone, or virtually any other combination of manufacturer and operating system, ReStoring Data has the specialized tools, training, and experience to gather data for the case.

We can extract, analyze, and provide detailed activity reports on the various types of data stored on a mobile device, even if deleted by the user or password protected (depending on the operating system). If the phone or tablet is physically damaged as a result of water exposure, an electrical malfunction, or a malicious act, we will utilize our deep mobile data recovery expertise to get a read from the device. This includes board level micro soldering repairs, ultrasonic deep cleaning, chip-off or JTAG recovery, and more.

Following a physical repair (if necessary), we perform a full logical analysis of the device, utilizing leading mobile data extraction and transfer tools, such as Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device), which is regularly used by law enforcement agencies.

The types of information we can forensically analyze from a mobile device include:

Call logs
SMS/MMS text messages
Chat logs (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc.)
Photos and videos
Deleted data
Internet browsing history
Search history
Downloaded files
Location and GPS records
Bluetooth connections
Wi-Fi connection logs
Emails sent/received
Contact lists
Tracking apps
Installed malware

Digital Forensics for Individuals

Our specialists analyze each case with the utmost confidentiality. Whether you seek digital evidence of a marital infidelity, internet browsing history of your kids, or suspect any suspicious activity on your computer or mobile device, we can help. We can report on deleted files, hidden evidence, the types of activities that have occurred on the device, and any other information you may want to find.

Examples of our forensic services for individuals include:

Scanning for inappropriate images
Discovering covert email correspondence
Locating evidence of hacking
Accessing protected and/or encrypted data
Analyzing recent device locations
Recovering deleted data (text messages, pictures, etc.)

Digital Forensics for Businesses

Our forensics team assists businesses in acquiring hard-to-find information located on servers, PCs, and mobile phones used by staff. The many types of commercial crime and corporate misconduct we can help businesses discover and investigate include: digital fraud, intellectual property theft, suspicious network communications, disloyal employee activity, deleted data, improper web activities, and email abuse.

If suspicion arises, we can be dispatched to a place of business to begin on-site digital forensic examinations to extract information relating to the case with minimal disruption to your business activities.

Examples of our forensic services for businesses include:

Detecting digital fraud
Examining company devices
Analyzing Internet and email use
Discovering malicious insider activities
Finding evidence of corporate espionage
Executing search & seizure orders (Anton Piller / ITO)

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Forensics Service Details

We craft our service to meet the needs of each unique forensics case and take into account all important details. No matter the complexity, critical forensic processes and procedures, such as expert data restoration, file integrity verification, and chain-of-custody recording, are properly adhered to by our team in all cases. 

Every analysis concludes with the presentation of our forensic report. This report highlights the key points and results of the analysis using the industry’s leading digital forensics tools, such as EnCase, Cellebrite, FTK, and others. The findings are explained in the report and a concise conclusion clarifies the significance of the extracted data as pertaining to the case.

Optionally, we can add an expert report. In this more comprehensive version of the forensic report, the analyst provides step-by-step, detailed explanations of the processes and procedures implemented for the case. A file-by-file analysis is also included to provide excruciating details as required. The evidence is then used to craft the expert conclusion and opinion. Significant time is invested into an expert report to ensure absolute completeness, clarity, and impartiality in accordance with the Evidence Act of Canada.

Testimony for Hearings and Trials

ReStoring Data provides expert testimony services. We present our digital evidence findings in a court admissible manner, using clear explanations and visual representations when necessary.

Even though the vast majority of cases do not require expert witness testimony, it is normally the most important element of a forensics analysis for those that do. Our analysts keep notes for each case, which allow them to recall their forensic work years after they finish the work, if necessary. This prudence greatly increases the likelihood that our forensic reports and expert witness testimony will carry heavy weight in legal proceedings.

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