Phone Recovery / Tablet Recovery

The loss of your invaluable photos and videos, important contacts, or significant SMS messages can make it seem like time is standing still. Thankfully, the Restoring Data team can quickly recover your irreplaceable data and get you back on track.

Mobile data recovery

Whether you have accidentally/deliberately deleted important data from your smartphone or tablet, caused your device to lock itself by entering a wrong password, pattern lock, or a PIN Code, or your device simply experienced an electronic malfunction, our experts are here to help.

We also offer extensive data recovery services for physically damaged mobile devices, including motherboard-level repairs for damage, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Power issues
  • Boot loop
  • Screen backlight failure
  • Screen touch interface failure
  • Blue/red screen (iPhone)
  • Damaged ports and connectors
  • Short circuits on the motherboard

We have years of experience recovering data from virtually all makes and models of mobile devices: IPHONE/IPAD/IPOD, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, SONY, LG, BlackBerry, and GPS navigators.

Our data recovery service includes all mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, and even older systems like Symbian.

The type of data we normally recover includes : Contacts, Call History, Aps, Emails, Passwords, pictures taken on or transferred to the mobile device, SMS Messages, Documents, Music and Video files, WhatsApp messages, Trip logs (for GPS Navigators), Calendar, Geotags, Location information, and Bluetooth connections.

We can even extract existing and deleted data from apps such as: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google+, PingChat! (aka Touch), Skype, Twitter, Viber, Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, Tiger Text, Dropbox, QIP, Kik Messenger, Evernote, Kakao Talk, ICQ, and more.

Why Us?

We use the same industry leading tools as law enforcement agencies, which not only drastically expedite the scanning and extraction processes on your mobile device, but also go deeper (in the sector level) than traditional tools. This ensures that your recovery receives the best results alongside maximum attention and care.

If the device is physically damaged, our lab is fully equipped to make highly complex repairs often involving deep electronic cleaning, micro-soldering, chip-off data extractions, and more.

For more reasons why ReStoring Data is your solution, visit About Us.

Expert Mobile data recovery Expert Mobile data recovery

Expert Mobile data recovery Expert Mobile data recovery