Data Transfer

Relax, and let the experts at ReStoring Data safely transfer your data in no time!

Data Transfer

The long and tedious process of transferring data from one storage device to another is made easy with ReStoring Data's data transfer service. Using our specialized hardware and software, our technicians will safely transfer your data from one device to another, regardless of its platform or operating system.

This absolutely guarantees that you will not lose any data while transferring from one device to another.

Why Data Transfer?

Transferring your data from one device to another can be a complicated and drawn out process, especially if your data is stored on multiple types of low capacity digital media. For example, in the past, many people relied on CDs and DVDs to store their vital data. After a few years, however, it became evident that these optics based products degenerated more aggressively than anticipated, often within a couple of years. Consequently, it is vital that this crucial data be transferred to new and more durable media storage devices.

Storage Options

Whatever type of storage device you prefer your data to be transferred onto, ReStoring Data can help! We can sell you a variety of new drives with virtually any interface or storage capacity, and load it with your precious data so that it is ready to be used as soon as you plug it in. You can also provide us with a drive of your own and our technicians will quickly, safely, and securely transfer your data onto it, so you don't need to worry about accidentally losing a single file.

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