ReSeller Program

We are committed to helping you provide your clients with the best possible recovery services that leave everyone smiling.

Reseller Program

A ReSeller program is a phenomenal concept that, when done properly, accomplishes two very key things for your business. It extends your service offerings to your valued clients and creates an additional revenue stream.

That said, this can be done correctly and incorrectly. Who you choose to work with is of paramount importance to your business; it deserves research. They will essentially be representing your business. Why would you put your name beside anyone other than who you believe to be the best?

Some things to look for in a quality data recovery company: fully performance based, works out of a serviceable clean-room lab, has a complete team from technicians to case managers, a company history, one that has won awards and is accredited by organizations you trust, and one willing to give references upon request.

Our team’s job is to ensure that you stay on board and do so happily.

We can communicate directly with you or your clients. This freedom allows you to determine the amount of involvement you need throughout the process.

Reseller Benefits:

 No quotas to meet or contracts to sign
 Commission paid on every successful recovery
 Free marketing materials
 Case management options – manage it yourself, or use our Customer Response Team to manage your client’s case

Customer Benefits:

 24/7 Customer Response Team
 Automatic discount on all services
 No Data, No Charge Policy (100% performance based)
 Free evaluation
 Free shipping
 Recoveries from virtually all devices and operating systems

If you would like to join our ReSeller Program, or receive more information, please call (1.877.737.8003), or fill out the "Contact Us" form and our ReSeller Program manager will contact you to discuss in more detail.

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